Water Filter and Purifier – The Berkey Light

Berkey Light Water Filter and PurifierThe Berkey Light Water Filter / Purifier is a low-cost and more portable option when compared to our stainless steel systems. It’s great for a large family or even a fairly large group.
Water Filter / Purifier Info:
Countertop, Home, Groups and Emergency Use
Dimensions: 27″ High x 8.5″ Wide
Purified Water Holding Capacity in Gallons: 2.75
Flow Rate in Gallons Per Hour: *8.5
(*When Fully Loaded With 4 Water Filter / Purification Elements)
Eligible For Discounted Items (YES!) See Drop-Down Box Below
Comes Standard with 2 Water Filter / Purifier Elements But You Can Add More Below
Price: $231 + Any Additional Water Filter / Purifier Elements (& Lights)

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As of Dec 3rd 2012, We CAN Now Ship to California (Click HERE to learn why.)

The Berkey “Light”… It’s Light-weight and Has Optional Lights!

The Berkey Light Water Filter / Purifier can be purchased with with a Lighted Base and the whole unit is made of very light-weight “Non-BPA Co-Polyester.” It’s very similar to the popular water cooler bottles you might see at the office. It is light but very durable.

Here you can see the White Light Base… but why have lights at all? Is there something magic about lights? Well, no, not really…. but having Emergency Lighting is always good. The extra lighting is also a great idea during camping trips and if you need a little night light to find the system in the dark. My daughter uses the base as a night-light during sleepovers with her friends. We have also used it during power outages.

Lighted “White Lights” In Base

Water Filter Base - Berkey Light with White Lights

This Water Filter Really Out-Shines the Rest! 😉

Berkey Light Water Filter Base Lighted with White Lights LED

A Water Filter and Purifier System with a Light…

This is a very useful and rugged water filter and water purifier! It is light and dent and ding resistant and a great alternative to a stainless steel system.

Our family owns both a Crown Berkey and a Berkey Light. We use our Berkey Light more than our Crown, but consider both water purifier systems to be great emergency preparedness supplies. We also own a homemade water filter / purifier made from a couple of food grade buckets. All work equally well and provide pure water.

The Berkey Lights is made of a strong and flexible material called “Co-Polyester” that deflects blows and doesn’t leech any “BPA’s” into your water. BPA’s have been linked to cancer so although Co-Polyester is in the “plastics” family, the BPA-Free qualities make the Berkey Light a great choice.

You are in the right place for a terrific water filter and purifier at the best price available. We suggest you stock-up on additional Black Berkey Purification Elements as well. Each element filters and purifies more than 3000 gallons of “raw water” but during a disaster or a prolonged time without tap water you’ll be glad you have the spares!

Black Berkey Filters and Purifier Info.

Water Filter Elements

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