Homemade Water Filter and Purifier

Make Your Own Homemade Water Filter & Purifier

Just Need an “Emergency Only” Water Filter & Purifier?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! These water filters and purifiers are very easy to make and very cheap compared to the nice stainless steel systems we have for purchase on this site.

Many people have asked us for a water filter that also purifies water and is low-cost and easy to build. The photo below shows you the “perfect” water filter and purifier for such needs. This is the one you probably just store in your basement until a disaster happens. It’s not the fancy countertop water filter and purifier you normally see on our site.

So, this is the “Budget” or “Emergency Only” water filter and purifier for the DIY’rs out there!:

Homemade Water Filter and Water Purifier

Homemade Water Filter and Purifier Using (Black Berkey Purification Elements) Specs.

Water Filter Elements

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