Water Filters and Purifiers - Stainless Steel Berkey Light Water Filters and Purifiers

What Makes Our Water Filters And Purifiers So Special?

Is it the container? No! Is it the brand name? No! Is it the cool stainless steel or the “BPA-Free Co-Polyester” used in our systems? Yeah! BUT that’s only part of it!

In Truth… what makes our systems so great is the Black Berkey Purification Elements! Without these powerful water filter and purifier elements all we have is fancy water dispensers.

The Black Berkey Purification Elements are the secret behind the success of the entire Berkey company and the whole reason why you can have perfectly filtered and purified water anytime and anyplace. The Black Berkey Filters and Purifiers are so powerful that they can remove microscopic organisms, cysts, viruses, and all the other “nasties” you can imagine… and still leave the beneficial minerals in your water!

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